Kayaking & Meditation

Kayaking & Meditation

I am a HUGE fan of outdoor meditation. I have actually practiced meditation for quite a few years now. As someone who tends to lack in patience as well as in the ability to sit still for any length of time, I have found outdoor meditation to be a perfect fit for me. Kayaking is just one type of outdoor activity that can incorporate a little meditation.

What is Outdoor Meditation?

Outdoor meditation can encompass a lot of things. I think it is important with any type of meditation practice to not put any super strict regulations or rules on it. Outdoor meditation can be:

  • Sitting in a park and tuning into nature
  • Walking to clear your mind
  • Hiking up a mountain and feeling grounded
  • Zoning out while kayaking and becoming one with the elements (my personal fave)

In other words outdoor meditation can be anything you want to make it.

It is simply a way to get out of the daily routine of life, tune into yourself, into your spirit and into the beautifulness of this world as well as any world beyond.  It is a way to relax the mind, re-energize the body and nourish the spirit.

Benefits of Meditation

There is one very common viewpoint in the self-development world:

Meditation is good and very beneficial!

The benefits are numerous and can include:

  • Great relaxation
  • Increased energy
  • Reduced need for sleep
  • Sharper focus
  • Improved IQ and memory
  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Heightened sense of awareness
  • Increased sense of self
  • and much more.

I think we can all agree that there are a lot of positives to being able to spend time each day meditating. However in today’s world it can be extremely difficult to find the HOURS in the day to spend TIME meditating.

It is no secret that to really enjoy the benefits of meditation it takes time, practice and a whole lot of dedication.

This is why outdoor meditation can be a great answer.

Incorporating Outdoor Meditation into your Daily Routine

Obviously most of us are not able to get out kayaking every single day. We can however incorporate some type of outdoor recreation into our daily lives.

It is no secret that we need daily exercise in order to stay healthy and strong. It is just as important to exercise your mind and your spirit. Why not combine the two? Spend a little time outside every single day and focus on tuning out the mind chatter and tuning in to nature and the environment.

When you get in “that zone” of being one with the universe whether you are kayaking, hiking, running or simply sitting against a tree, it can not only completely relax the mind and body but allow you to feel completely rejuvenated and energized as well.

It constantly amazes me how being with nature and doing some type of physical exercise will 100% transform my mind and energy when I am having a very stressful day.

I believe kayaking in general can be the perfect form of outdoor meditation.  I do recreational kayaking via Sharekayak.

The repetitive movements, the sense of floating on water, the breeze on your face – this is the perfect time to tune-in to a heightened sense of awareness and spirit.

We challenge each and every one of our readers to try a little outdoor meditation next time you are kayaking.